Design Your Success: Mastering Innovation Mindset and Processes

Methodology for finding new ways of vocational orientation


Oscar Mas

5/8/20231 min read

printed sticky notes glued on board
printed sticky notes glued on board

On February 25th, 2020 I was challenged to apply the methodology which I developed in 2012, for the University of Sciences and Arts of Latin America, with a group of forty people from different private schools in one single workshop morning.

So I designed the whole experience, by doing a first draft and quickly a prototype of that experience, as a part of the process I measured the time spent on each tool, the facilitators for every group of twenty divided into teams of four, also the pitch for every team and of course the breaks in between.

I also planned a dynamic for selecting the people in different teams, so that diversity was assured. We did three more prototyping experiences before the final one.

The methodology was applied to psychologists whose role is to guide school students into their professional careers. As a result, the tools demonstrate their positive and useful impact on helping them in their meaningful purpose. Some of the verbatims were:

"I have learned that with this tool, I can apply to anything, area, level, and topic".

"A workshop that teaches you to teamwork, analyze and create solutions".

"Learn to get into the user in an original and creative way".

"Innovative approach in order to resolve a conflict".

"Train teachers to apply this methodology to the students when they are planning to choose their career, using a more creative approach".

"Cool methodology that will allow the teenager in the right decision in his future career".

"Questions, reflections and we get to a decision related to the guidance on our students".

"Enable us to learn new strategies for doing better orientation work for our students".

"I have learned to establish a dialogue instead of bombarding with questions to the student, I have learned to carry on with the situations in the school".

These are some of the lessons learned after applying the methodology that shows with their tools, new ways of thinking and approaching the problems.